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Located in Xií»anúČone of the most ancient city in ChinaúČ Xian Welldon Trading Co., Ltd was established in 1990 with the tenet of supplying the best chemical & nutraceutical raw materials of Chinese origin to the world market. Since the day it was founded, Welldon Trading has been devoting itself to fulfilling this perpetual commitment. 

In 1998, we embraced the advent of a new era in the history of our company when Welldon Bio-tech, the branch company of Welldon Trading, was established, which is committed to manufacturing herbal extracts and many other raw materials for the nutraceutical & pharmaceutical industry of the world . 

After years of growing and striving, Welldon Trading has now become a professional supplier of chemical & nutraceutical raw materials in China. Every year we provide enormous products to the global market with high quality and competitive prices, which earned us a rather good reputation from our customers. We really cherish these hard-won honors and we are deeply aware of the obligations coming together with the honors-- we need to do more to render back our customers í«s trust in us.

Wherever you are, we are expecting to hold hands with you. We wish we could be a bridge connecting you and China.

Add: Room 18F-D4, Sigo International Building, No. 126 WeiYang Road, Xian, 710016 China
Tel: 86-29-86178001, 86178002, 86178003, 86178004, 86178005
Fax: 86-29-86178006 

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